What We Do

At Pearl Talent Management all our services are bespoke, grounded in best practice and, as we speak your language, our services are designed to fulfill the potential of your executives and meet your specific business needs.  This means we are confident you will be guaranteed a great return on your investment with Pearl Talent Management.

Pearl Talent Management works with the client to help them gain a deeper level of self awareness and, in so doing, ignites and builds leadership potential to reveal their own unique set of leadership strengths and development areas.  This is the foundation of building and sustaining leadership capability.  The more aligned an individual is with their own vision, values, passions and strengths, the greater the outcome for the organisation.

Our key services include, but are not limited to:

Executive Coaching:

When you receive executive coaching from Pearl Talent Management, we pride ourselves on offering transformational executive coaching, so that you will begin to see changes and results almost immediately.  From our experience however, we recommend a minimal executive coaching duration of 3-6 months if you want to work at a much deeper level and see real long-term shifts in behavior.  Our executive coaching experience will be content-rich and mentoring will be provided where appropriate.  Executive coaching can be provided on a one-to-one basis or in groups/teams.  From time to time we also recommend suitable personality profiling which provides objectivity and richness to your executive coaching experience.

Most of our executive coaching clients have their employer as the paying sponsor, but we welcome individuals who would like to work with us on a direct basis.

Here are some examples of our executive coaching packages:

  • Strengthen your leadership capability
  • Strengthen your leadership team
  • Build strong working relationships
  • Manage conflict effectively
  • Fulfill your potential
  • Drive performance and manage your people
  • Get out of that career rut, boost your career and find your calling
  • Build your emotional intelligence
  • Know your strengths
  • Deepen your self-awareness
  • Become an agile change leader
  • Become a strategic leader
  • Become a coach who leads people


We pride ourselves in offering best practice organisational design solutions and will partner closely with you to understand your business needs so that we can help you take your organisational effectiveness to the next level in a seamless, professional manner:

  • Talent management strategy and facilitation:
    – recruit talent
    – identify high potential employees
    – develop talent
    – retain talent
    – succession planning
    – build an integrated end-to-end talent system
    – set up a talent forum
  • Leadership development strategy, facilitation and training:
    – leadership capabilities
    – lead teams and maximize engagement levels
    – inspirational leadership
    – visionary leadership
    – management development skills
    – the coach leader
    – the recruiting leader
    – the strategist leader
  • Change management strategy and facilitation:
    – help employees overcome resistance to change
    – successfully implement change
    – ensure your communication plan works
    – build resilient, agile leaders who drive performance and keep retention levels low


If your organisation has a requirement to make some of your employees redundant, it is seen as good practice to provide outplacement services as part of their redundancy package in order to help those individuals successfully transition into a new role in a new organisation.  Pearl Talent Management provides the following outplacement services to help you successfully achieve this aim with each individual:

  • Career coaching
  • Personality profiling
  • Interview skills
  • CV writing
  • General job search support

Personality profiling:

Pearl Talent Management can recommend and provide appropriate personality (or psychometric) profiling to help you objectively and effectively recruit and/or develop employees i(teams or individuals).  Here are some examples of how our psychometric tools can help your organisation:

- How could I Improve my leadership style?
– What’s my preferred working style?
– Is my personality suited to my job?
– What is my level of emotional intelligence?
– What are my strengths?
– What are my career values?
– What motivates me?