How do you inspire talent to go that extra mile?

In the face of global recession, rising competition and a talent shortage, organisations have to look at creative ways of doing more with less resources. 

How will your organisation achieve this?

A great way to start is to take a look at your existing talent. It’s crucial to find out who your high performing stars are! Talent is born, not created, so don’t waste your money trying to create high performing stars.  They are already there, waiting to be motivated and inspired to go that extra mile.

I suggest therefore, that your top priority talent management strategy needs to be focused on identifying, developing, rewarding, retaining and engaging these key people.

One key benefit of this strategy is that it will attract the right kind of people to your organisation and raise the performance bar of existing employees.

A key part of this strategy is to ensure your organisation has a clear means of measuring performance objectively and on an ongoing basis, aligned with overall corporate objectives.  Employees are far more motivated if they have a clear set of goals to achieve.  To eliminate subjectivity it is crucial to have a clear set of competencies as a basis of every employee’s development plan.

It is also key to ensure your senior leadership “walks the talk” and is committed to building a high performance culture that links development to employee performance and rewards accordingly, which means they want to advance their employees – a great message to star high performers.

So what can you do as a next step? 

Carry out a talent management status check on your organisation to establish what you need to keep, change etc.  Here are some questions to consider:

- What performance management tools and processes do you have now and are they integrated with other processes such as reward, development etc?

- What competency models do you use and do they work?

- What are your challenges as an organisation?  (E.g. High turnover, skills and leadership gaps)

- How are your engagement levels (i.e. motivation and loyalty)?

- Are your employees encouraged to take risks and stretch to a higher performance level?

- What are your organisation’s strengths?

In this way you will establish what high performance specifically means to your organisation. a great first step to building a high performance culture, inspiring your talent to go that extra mile.

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