Success Stories

Here are a selection of consulting success stories and executive coaching testimonials from Pearl Talent Management clients. We respect client confidentiality and so do not always publish this data on our website for every client. We would however be delighted to provide you with more information if you contact us directly.

Consulting Success Stories

Strengthening leadership capability in executive teams at a leading blue chip multinational organisation

Executive coaching provided to a de-motivated and fragmented leadership team, who are part of a landmark multi-billion dollar project.  Sara used the Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI) as an objective framework to coaching.  The intervention resulted in a significantly improved team in terms of motivation, leadership capability, collaboration and people management skills, as evidenced by improved bottom line growth and an increase of engagement scores by 11%.

Strengthening leadership capability, Directors and CEO, public sector

Executive coaching for highly stressed, dysfunctional leadership team, using Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI) where the aim was to create a greater sense of calm and stability so that they could concentrate on effectively delivering business results. LSI created a level of deeper self-awareness in the coaching process.  This resulted in calm and stability and thus the ability for the team to start to deliver more effectively for the business, as evidenced by CEO feedback.

Leadership and change management coaching, Partners of leading Big 4 consulting firm

Leadership style and strengths coaching for regional partners to improve relationships with head office, and provide strategies to deal with rapid business and team growth.  On-going coaching and workplace action learning resulted in improvement of leadership capability, as measured against company leadership capability behavioural ratings.

Leadership and performance coaching for CFO, International Bank

Leadership coaching for CFO with behavioural “de-railers” that impacted his ability to collaborate with the leadership team and perform effectively.  Coaching resulted in improved working relationships and performance, as evidenced by his increased engagement scores.

Talent and leadership coaching, emerging leaders, leading telecommunications company

Lead an end to end talent management programme that identified high potential candidates, company-wide who went through an intensive leadership development programme which included coaching by Sara so that they could be fast tracked into top leadership roles.  This resulted in higher engagement scores for most of the individuals and their teams, plus subsequent successful upward career moves for the talent pool.

Executive Coaching Testimonials

AB – Manager, leading oil and gas organisation

I worked with Sara Lord as my coach over the period of a few months. I was managing a very diverse consulting team that was growing during a period of rapid change with a high volume of work. The team I was managing was high performing but had become disengaged. I was keen to engage a coach to assist in improving my leadership capability and to develop more of a humanistic style in how I deal with the challenges of people management. Prior to coaching I was finding that I didn’t have enough time to spend with the people in my team and was constantly juggling project work and client outcomes. The engagements that I was having with my team weren’t always productive as were rushed and reactive. My goal was to reduce my stress, have a more engaged team, to develop a leadership structure & capability within the team as a means to continue to achieve our business goals and aims.

Sara used to LSI tool & coaching sessions which I found to be useful as it enabled me to have a better understanding of how others view my styles v’s how I view myself. I was familiar with the LSI tool, having used it previously but never with coaching. Sara assisted me in prioritising workload & really helped me in having the confidence in having those “tough” conversations with team members when issues arose. She also helped me gain a better understand the value in developing your humanistic side. Sara opened my eyes to my “blind spots”& encouraged me to try new approaches.  I found Sara to be very open, willing to listen, non-judgemental and very effective in working to make subtle changes to how I managed specific situations.

Since completing the coaching sessions, I now feel more comfortable in having tough conversations and have found that these conversations are becoming easier and less frequent. The team is still high performing but with engagement levels that have improved. As a result I am less stressed and feel that I have a plan in place to develop the leadership capability as well as technical capability in my team. I can see a marked improvement in the quality of interactions that I have within the team that I manage. I also feel that I have a plan in place for more own development. I would highly recommend Sara as a coach to any one in or aspiring to be in a leadership role.

CT – Director and Board member, leading telecommunications organisation

Sara has worked with me over the last 12 months through a particularly turbulent time both at work and with my home life.  She has been very open and supportive in the way she has guided me through my thinking and planning over this period, tactfully challenging some of my limiting assumptions and beliefs in order to push the boundaries of my expected outcomes.  This gentle but probing approach has identified the key drivers and anchors that I need to be fulfilled in my life.  As these have been identified, Sara has stretched my understanding of how they could be met through career or other opportunities.

Several “out of the box” suggestions have stimulated my thinking so that I now have what I believe are several options to deliver the aspirations I have.  Reviewing and re-considering my existing skills and experience within the framework outlined above has enabled me to identify alternative approaches that may also deliver some movement towards the goals I have identified.

Overall, Sara has been a personal and focused guide through the difficult thinking processes I have journeyed along this last year.

CW – Director, leading telecommunications organisation

I have found Sara’s coaching effective, insightful, stimulating and action-oriented – although all this is achieved in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere which left me feeling calm, collected and refreshed.

In my case she used well-chosen, open-ended, fundamental questions (and naturally, excellent listening skills) to help me identify my preferred future career path, supported in one specific area by a particular questionnaire.

She is the best coach I have come across in 20 years of work and I would recommend her to others without hesitation.

LT – Director, leading mining and resources organisation

Prior to attending the coaching programme I was lacking direction and feeling very frustrated I wasn’t achieving my goals. I questioned my own ability and had little confidence in my own talent.

My major barrier to reach my goals was procrastination, and being out of touch with my personal life values and the things needed to be present for me to perform to my potential.

During the coaching programme I was taken through a journey of understanding myself more intimately so that I was better able to confront my self-sabotaging behaviour. Through the Career Anchor activity I was able to get a handle on what was important to me in life and mould my career, relationship, life direction accordingly. I am now in touch with my values and have changed my modus operandi to stay aligned with my values and really set myself up for success.

As a result I have a ownership over my future, in all aspects of my life.  I have amazing opportunities coming from various angles of my career; I have an integrated work/home environment, and a very clear path on where I am going and why I am going that way.  I now know what it feels to be in flow, and what I need to support myself in staying there. I have goals that I am not afraid of achieving because Sara has helped me anchor them to my personal values. They are realistic, and achievable because they align with my life values. I am excited and energised about the next 12 months and beyond!!

SC – Director, recruitment organisation

I really enjoyed the experience of being able to talk through the issues and the challenges that I was facing. I feel that I have been able to move some of the other agendas forward, and been a lot clearer about what the real issues are for the team.

The experience helped to unblock a series of things that I didn’t have the skills or the influencing ability to unblock and that therefore has been the greatest impact of the coaching. Additionally, there had been an undercurrent of non-truthful or partial truthful communication throughout the business which I have seen diminish significantly. This has brought a lot of the real issues out on the table and if feels likes we are starting to deal with some of those issues.

SP – CEO, Public Sector

Life prior to coaching was difficult. My skill set was neither valued nor recognised by the organisation and consequently I became unmotivated over time and lost a lot of confidence in my skills and abilities. I found it difficult to provide the leadership I knew the organisation required but this fact was not recognised by management and consequently I was unsupported in any change initiatives I attempted to introduce. During this period I applied for several positions and usually reached the interview stage but either I pulled out because I felt the job was not for me or I did not progress to the next stage of the application process. I jumped at the chance for coaching when the opportunity was offered as I saw an opportunity to clarify my goals and aspirations and possibly seek alternative employment.

From our first meeting I felt that Sara understood my predicament and I felt comfortable that she would maintain confidentiality. She provided a brief overview of her experience in the HR field and coaching which established her credentials for me and provided me with the confidence that she could help me change my situation. I explained my preference was to seek alternative employment rather than remain with my present employer. At this point Sara introduced me to career anchors which was a really useful tool for clarifying the positions I should be applying for and it helped me realise why I had felt uncomfortable about some of the positions I had unsuccessfully applied for – basically I was applying for any half way suitable position just to get out of the organisation. Sara then asked me the confronting question of whether I thought my bitterness about my situation was obvious when I was being interviewed for a position. I was horrified – I had never thought of myself as being bitter, frustrated yes, angry yes but bitter was not something I had thought of in relation to my situation. I really appreciated the fact that Sara bought it to my attention because it enabled me to see how I presented to other people – it was a real wake up call.

Probably my most amazing and reward experience I gained from coaching was establishing confidence in what I had to offer of value to other people. The responses I received to virtually a 360 survey of friends, family and colleagues both past and present was a truly affirming and wonderful experience. I firmly believe I would not be in my present position as a CEO of a small organisation without Sara’s coaching. She was always, firm, gracious, and instinctively knew what would behaviour and style she needed to use to get the most out of me. I am absolutely loving my new job. My skill set and values are well suited to the position and I believe I am achieving very positive outcomes even though I have only been in the position for a couple of months.

SD – Director, Public Sector

Sara Lord was recommended to my employer to assist me and other senior executive in managing very challenging circumstances in the organisation that had emerged over a long period of time. For me, the situation had overwhelmed my ability to effectively management work and work-life balance, as well as my ability to see matters in proper perspective. Predictably, this was having an increasingly detrimental effect on me personally and professionally.

My first need was to recognise the reality of my circumstances and to face up to the need to make changes. Through a series of sessions, Sara effectively brought clarity, allowing me to see the situation objectively. With a healthy perspective, Sara then challenged me with a range of questions and discussions that would lead me to set out my directions for my career in both the short and long term.

It is only through the coaching experience that I have been able to make, in my experience at least, a dramatic change by establishing my own business. The coaching process enabled me to work through the many issues and considerations in a structured way, and to make informed decisions.

I now find myself highly motivated with renewed energy, undertaking very satisfying work and reaping greater financial rewards!

Effective executive coaching requires special insights and understandings. Based on my experience, I can highly recommend Sara Lord to anyone who may be contemplating such coaching.

SS – Manager, Public Sector

Prior to attending the coaching programme I was feeling like I did not have any options. My boss whom I respected and admired greatly due to her professional manner had recently left the organisation. She acted as a buffer between the CEO and I. When she left they decided not to replace her as they did not want to focus on corporate governance anymore. This left me reporting directly to the CEO who’s style of management is somewhat old style and I clashed with a number of his ideas and methods. This left me feeling negative about work and I really did not know how to get out or move on from the organisation or the negativity.

My major barrier to reach my goals was my own negativity and lack of confidence in myself in terms of how to find the right job to get out of the company. I had been for four jobs and received 2 interviews without success.

During the coaching programme, through coaching with Sara, I suddenly realised that I am a good person with some really good skills and abilities. Sara helped me to find the right way to put a positive spin on myself and she helped me to reacquaint myself with my good points and how best to present them to potential employers.

As a result I am now on annual leave taking some time out for myself, which I have not done for a while. I have also been offered a position that I am hoping will work out in the New Year. Should that for some reason not happen, I have a revised CV that looks awesome, and some superb interview skills due to the help and guidance of Sara. I feel much more confident that I am moving on from the current negative organisation for which I work to a new job / role, so the future looks bright. For that I thank Sara greatly.

Thank you again for the whole learning experience of coaching, I have really enjoyed participating in the coaching and you are truly an amazing lady with a great skill to help people move on from negative situations and organisations.

GM – Manager, leading oil and gas organisation

I first met with Sara through the company I worked for when they decided to put their leadership team through the Life Styles Inventory profiling. I found the results to be extremely interesting when it came to the way others see me in the workplace versus the way I saw myself. It reaffirmed many things that had been bothering me for some time with particular emphasis on the barriers and restrictions I was unwittingly placing on my own career development.

I found Sara to be very open, honest and frank with me and the dialogue I always had with her was rewarding and also quite revealing. I also found that Sara quickly picked up on my areas of concern and was extremely helpful in clearing away a lot of the ‘debris’ which enabled me to focus on the important issues, most importantly what action I needed to take and how.

The most rewarding part of my coaching experience with Sara was that she quickly ‘got’ me and although Sara was coaching me as part of a company sponsored activity as opposed to an individual request she very much focussed on me as an individual and what I needed to do to enable me to achieve the success and happiness I required to have a rewarding career.