Pearl Talent Management transforms leadership, fulfills potential and maximises profits.

Our services include:

Why are these services important in light of the issues facing Australian businesses today?

  • Typically only about 20% of Australian employees are really motivated, productive and intend to remain loyal to their organisation (Australian Gallup employee engagement study 2009.)
  • Current economic circumstances mean employees must achieve more with less resources.
  • Australia faces a talent shortage, where organisations compete to attract the best talent

The last thing your organisation needs is to have your workforce run on empty and/or leave.  Great talent management drives employee engagement, creating better business outcomes.

Talent management excellence = higher profits

The return on investment for a company with a good talent management strategy is:

  • 67% improved retention of high performers
  • 26% higher revenue per employee
  • 150% more likely to develop great leaders
  • Twice as likely to have the right people in the right jobs
    (Bersin & Associates, 2009)

Organisations suffer because they don’t realise the profitable benefits of successful talent management, or because they don’t have internal expertise to ensure talent management success.

Why choose Pearl Talent Management to help your organisation?

  • We tick all the boxes on credentials and have a proven track record in delivering strategies that will raise engagement levels, thus cutting your costs and improving your profits.
  • We speak your language and understand your business challenges.
  • Our clients find us inspirational, refreshing and honest, yet working with us is not a soft option. We challenge and ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.
  • Our ultimate aim is to ensure your success and give you a return on investment.
  • Imagine if all your executives reached an extra 10 or 20% or more of their potential?  This is highly possible to achieve with the help of Pearl Talent Management’s expertise.

Pearl Talent Management would be delighted to talk to you about how we can support your needs. Please contact us.

Our Key Strengths

There are five important reasons why organisations choose to (and continue to) work with Pearl Talent Management.

We’ll partner closely with your organisation

We pride ourselves on getting to the heart of the matter, fast.  We dig deep to understand your organisational vision and strategy: breathing new meaning into your leadership capability, aligning leadership capability with business results and ensuring your receive a sustained return on investment.

We speak your language

Our team has a strong corporate and people development background and will know how to relate to your world, whether it be commercial, strategic, political or people challenges that you face.  We are used to working in complex, fast-paced environments where high standards of professionalism are required at all times and this is how we prefer to work too.

We tick all the boxes on credentials

Our team of executives are best-in-field and ensure they are continuously keeping up to date with their own development in order to be the best they can be in helping others.  However they will keep essential theory to a minimum, focusing on leadership in real life scenarios, grounded in best practice.

We challenge the status quo if it means you get better results

We challenge preconceived ways of thinking and encourage clients to step into a new way of being if it means they will make a step change in their performance.  We will however do so with a high level of integrity and sensitivity.

We define success first to ensure a return on your investment

We truly care about outcomes for both the individual and organisation.  Therefore it is critical that “what success looks like” should be defined by all relevant parties before any action plan is put in place and evaluation metrics should be put in place to evaluate a return on investment, at the end of the coaching assignment, such as increased engagement, bottom line growth and enhanced leadership capability.


For the organisation:

  • increase in profits
  • reduction in resourcing costs and staff churn
  • retention of top talent
  • significant improvements in employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • clarity around establishing, prioritising and commitment towards achieving business objectives, resulting in smarter working practices
  • facilitates better relationships, team-building and networking
  • enhanced leadership capability
  • high potential emerging leaders successfully fast-tracked into leadership roles
  • significant improvement in performance of the coaching client and his/her team

For the individual:

Individuals report they are more in tune with who they are, what their strengths and passions are and what they want from life, resulting in:

  • career advancement
  • clarity around career direction or re-direction
  • clarity around strengths, vision, identity and values
  • more meaningful work
  • increased confidence and self-belief
  • increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal impact
  • enhanced professional and personal relationships
  • more resilience and peace of mind
  • better work/life balance
  • no more career “burnout”

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